13 September 2013

Augean North Sea Services acquires Blackdog Hazardous Waste Site

Augean North Sea Services (ANSS) has acquired a hazardous waste site at Blackdog, Aberdeenshire, as part of its programme of extending and increasing specialist services, and investing in additional resources and facilities to meet the waste management needs of the oil and gas sector in the region.

This acquisition is their fourth facility and will enable them to take the management and treatment of bulk liquid wastes from the Offshore Industry to the next level of compliance.

The site’s primary role will be to receive oil in water emulsions for further new technology treatment once it has been processed through the unique quayside facility at Pocra Quay.  ANSS has developed a new treatment technology to separate out the emulsified oils in the slops and waste muds for oil recovery, sending the water fractions to the Greenbank facility for further treatment prior to effluent discharge, while the solids residue go to the Augean Port Clarence for thermal treatment.

The new facility builds on the existing impressive portfolio of sites in the area including licenced sites located at Pocra Quay (a waste water envirocentre in Aberdeen Harbour specialising in drilling slop waste), Lerwick Harbour (PPC licenced warehousing and a tank farm), and the Greenbank Waste Management Centre (for  waste water treatment and hazardous waste transfer) in Tullos, Aberdeen. The site at Greenbank Waste Management Centre was acquired in the first half of 2013.

Simon Gibb, Managing Director, commented: “This is the latest acquisition and demonstrates to the market again that ANSS is building a network which enables oil and gas operators to use ANSS as the dedicated waste management partner and one stop solution for handling all types of North Sea Oil & Gas waste. Following on from the Greenbank facility acquisition earlier this year, Blackdog offers us a great additional location, where we can expand our service base.’

‘Our strength in terms of personnel and knowledge is being reinforced with these excellent acquisitions to enable us to offer additional capacity and innovative solutions to the market. In the past 12 months ANSS has secured significant new contracts, and increased specialist personnel in Aberdeenshire from 42, to a team of over 80’.

‘This latest acquisition will enable us to widen our service offering to our growing client base in the region and reaffirms ANSS’s position at the forefront of the provision of waste management to the North Sea oil and gas industry.’