North Sea Services Laboratory 
The laboratory functions include:
  • Provision of laboratory services to Drilling Waste Management and Thermal divisions
  • Design, formulation, preparation and testing of CRI fluids
  • Maintenance and calibration of field laboratory test equipment and reagents
  • Sampling of drilling fluid slop products and to conduct quality control testing
  • Laboratory support services for  Pocra Quay slops waste treatment facility
  • Extensive lab facilities are also available in Paisley and Port Clarence.

The North Sea Services laboratory supports CRI operations and the Pocra Quay, LMP / Slops Waste Treatment Facility.

We have two sites in Aberdeen; our Divisonal Head Office at Woodside Road and the unique drilling slops waste treatment and recycling facility at Pocra Quay in the Port.

Woodside Road - Divisional Head Office and Drilling Waste Management Services Facility
We operate from a dedicated 2.7 acre site situated within the Bridge of Don, Industrial Estate area of Aberdeen comprising; offices, Solids Control Equipment Warehousing, Repair & Maintenance Workshop, Welding and Fabrication Shop for Project Builds / Skip Maintenance and Cuttings Skip Storage Yard.

The facility is being developed to create a modern waste treatment and transfer facility for a broad range of wastes from the North Sea markets.

Laboratory, ships in the dock and Augean storage tanks

Pocra Quay - state-of-the-art slops waste treatment & recycling facility
Our  Pocra Quay facility is designed utilising the most up to date techniques for the treatment of drilling mud wastes (Slops). Obtaining waste treatment authorisation under PPC regs in December 2009 the Plant now receives slops / liquid drilling mud wastes directly from Platform Service Vessels (PSV’s) into the facility for best in class disposal methods.

Treatment to enhance recovery is achieved by tank settlement, flocculation, mechanical centrifugation & media filtration to separate the phases of oil, water and solids prior to final recycling and/or disposal. The permit provides for the treatment of 25,000mt annually of oily slops wastes from offshore direct into the facility from PSV’s and is the only quayside permitted slops treatment facility in the North East of Scotland. 

The facility is situated on a prime quayside location and comprises of seven 1,430 bbl (227.4 m3) storage tanks giving a total storage capacity of 10,000 bbl (1,590 m3). 

The installation is double manifolded to enable any tank to be operated independently and thus allows simultaneous storage of differing drilling wastes.  Receipt of liquid and powder wastes can be taken into the facility direct from quayside at Pocra Quay and Pocra Quay South (for liquid wastes only), thereby extending our services to two berths.  

Storage capability is 10,000bbls (1,590 MT) and details of our SEPA license and consent to discharge are available publicly and on request.

New Technology - Hercules
Construction and installation of the patented "Hercules" technology for slops recycling is underway, capable of splitting heavily emulsified drilling slops into the 3 separate components;

  • Oil for re-use in drilling fluids (containing emulsifier)
  • Water for compliant discharge
  • Inert solids

The installation will be exclusively for onshore use at Pocra Quay and operations are anticipated to commence Q1 2013.

The Hercules technology is additionally being developed for offshore use so that the drilling slops from wellbore displacements, clean-up and rig clean-ups can be gathered and processed offshore down into these 3 components at the rigsite.

The Offshore Hercules technology is being designed with complete flexibility so that it can easily be moved on and off rig:

  • Commercially reducing rentals and processing costs
  • Operationally offline from other rig operations
  • Technically recycling slops waste at source
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