East Northants Resource Management Facility

Amendment to Development Consent Order Approved

Due to changes in the waste market in recent years and an increase in methods of treating and recovering waste materials at installations like the Soil Treatment and Recovery Facility sited within the ENRMF, Augean applied for an amendment to its 2013 Development Consent Order to allow an increased throughput to the plant in February 2018.

A notification approving the amendment has now been received from the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government confirming, that the changes to the 2013 Order are not material, and therefore he has made an Order to amend the 2013 Development Consent Order with effect from 22 June 2018. 

This allows Augean to increase the volume of wastes that can be imported into the Soil Treatment and Recovery Facility to 200,000 tonnes per annum.  There will be no change to the overall input rate to the ENRMF as a whole which will remain at 250,000 tonnes per annum.

Increased use of the Soil Treatment and Recovery Facility means that more waste will be treated and recovered in a beneficial way and less waste will be directly landfilled.  This results in a more sustainable approach by reducing polluting potential the waste may have and making the most efficient use of resources both through the recovery of materials and preservation of the landfill capacity for waste materials for which there is no alternative other than disposal.

You can see the decision document by clicking here