Low Level Waste

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Monitoring of waste with packaged llw waste

The energy from nuclear power enjoyed in the UK over the past 50 years has left a long term legacy which for environmental and cost reasons the Government is anxious to address. 

While media and public interest is largely focused on high level radioactive material the vast majority (by several orders of magnitude) of nuclear waste, referred to as low level waste (LLW), has only a small amount of radioactivity activity and is of low risk.  Although this waste is principally demolition waste and inert in nature, due to its small radioactive content LLW represents a national liability.

Our East Northants Resource Management Facility is one of only a few sites in the UK permitted to handle LLW.  Our permit allow for the controlled burial disposal of wastes, such as soils and construction materials, that arise from sources that include the decommissioning of nuclear power stations, research laboratories and hospitals.  

It is important to note that this construction waste contains only very small amounts of radioactivity, which present negligible risk to the public and, importantly to Augean.