Waste Recovery Park

Waste recovery park

Our Port Clarence site is the location of the company’s Waste Recovery Park (WaRP) which has permissions to develop the UK's largest single site integrated waste facility offering a broad range of technology led modern processes.
The WaRP development to date includes the first and largest thermal recovery process handling drilling muds and refinery sludges and modern reception and handling infrastructure for a large range of wastes supported by the landfill assets.

Waste treatment and recovery including:

  • anaerobic digestion
  • bioremediation
  • effluent treatment
  • gas and waste wood combustion and energy recovery
  • indirect thermal desorption
  • tank farm operation
  • transfer station operation
  • vitrification
  • waste recovery
  • waste stabilisation
  • soil washing

Some processes which can be operated at the site are not currently viable for the majority of wastes but it is anticipated that at some point in the future they will become so (e.g. vitirfication, where waste is transformed into a glass material). It is with this foresight that the WaRP has been conceived allowing Augean to be at the forefront of the developing UK waste industry and compete in the widest emerging markets possible whilst maintaining its position  and servicing its customer base in the existing marketplace.

The necessary infrastructure required to operate a transfer station at the WaRP has been put in place. Capable of serving the waste producers in the north east wastes arising from this operation are channelled into other Augean processing centres for treatment, recovery and disposal.

Site infrastructure includes a weighbridge, waste reception facilities, vehicle parking and driver rest areas, site laboratory and offices.  Also proposed are catering facilities as well as a Visitors Centre to provide the focal point for educational visits and open days.

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