About Augean

Augean is the sector leader in modernising hazardous waste management practice providing sustainable, compliance-led waste management solutions for Britain’s more difficult to handle wastes.


What's in a name?

Augean - "A Herculean task"

"The name Augean was born out of Greek mythology, inspired by the fifth labour of Hercules. Legend has it that King Augeas owned more cattle than anyone in Greece and every night the cowherds, goatherds and shepherds drove the thousands of animals to his stables.

They had never been cleaned for over 30 years yet Hercules’ seemingly impossible task was to clean the stables in only one day. To the annoyance of the King, Hercules chose to complete the task by thinking differently and diverting two great rivers, Alpheus and Peneus, into the stables to wash them out."  

Employees, H&S, Community

We ensure that through our technical department the progress of forthcoming legislation is monitored so that the compliance objectives are understood, communicated to our operational teams and clients, and new protocols are implemented as necessary ahead of regulatory deadlines. This is common practice and common sense. In following this approach we ensure that our waste solutions are sustainable, protecting the interests of our clients and shareholders.

Operational control
We operate on the premise that best practice is normal practice striving to ensure that regulatory standards are met and, where possible, exceeded. Our certified Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and PAS 99) underpins the operational standards of our business.

Even before waste is accepted at our sites we are actively ensuring its effective control through our waste acceptance management systems. The necessary operational controls to ensure effective protection of health, safety and the environment are determined through robust waste characterisation assessment. Our technical assessment teams ensure that the assessment process is both effective and expeditious for our clients, whilst continuing to facilitate effective compliance management.

Our control systems do not stop once the waste has been safely treated or deposited. All systems are audited by our technical department and externally by our regulators and certification body to ensure their robustness and continued relevance.

Formed in 2004, the Group is strategically positioned to provide strong commercial and compliance-led solutions in a complex and legislative driven market. We continue to actively engage with our regulators providing a business perspective in the development of regulation and policy, the most significant of which is in promoting with the ESA the need for higher standards and the application of the waste hierarchy.

Over the past years the business has developed through a cycle of stages of acquisition, planning and development to establish a specialist waste business, working in the hazardous wastes, radioactive waste and oil and gas sectors, operating to modern standards responding to regulatory change.

Business responsibility
As the UK’s leading specialist waste manager we advise and help our clients every day, assisting them in understanding and complying with the complex legal and technical requirements for the safe management of specialist waste streams. Waste is an issue for every business but it doesn’t have to be a problem.