Energy & Construction

The focus for Augean Energy & Construction is developing sustainable waste management methods using robust and proven technologies to maximise recovery of materials and the generation of energy.

Within our portfolio are our specialist landfill assets which provide the platform to offer a range of waste services to a broad market from land remediation through to nuclear site decommissioning.    Our landfill facilities are designed and engineered to the highest standards and are monitored under the Environmental Permitting Regulations regime.

Complementing our landfill assets we have constructed treatment and recycling centres designed to manage wastes from land remediation, construction and demolition projects.  Our facilities also offer significant process capacity to treat ash residues from waste to energy plants providing an important support service to this growing sector.  In addition, our Chemical Treatment Centre at Port Clarence is able to treat a wide range of acidic and alkaline liquid wastes by processing with Air Pollution Control Residues (APCR).

Our purpose-built laboratory is able to provide a broad range of analytical capabilities following United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certified methods. Waste characterisation, leaching and composition reports are prepared and compliance testing for processed wastes is undertaken. The analytical team regularly conducts trials to find bespoke and novel solutions for the management of waste streams.

Our sites have the capability to accept a broad range of waste, for example contaminated soil, fibrous and bonded asbestos, treatment residues and filtercakes, subject to passing a rigorous technical assessment and testing regime.

A by-product of some of our landfill operations is a gas stream which we capture in order that we can generate electricity from this energy source.  Establishing grid connection coupled with large land bank creates future opportunities to expand our energy portfolio. 

We also own large mineral extraction rights for working to supply a range of aggregates into the market.