Quayside Industrial Services

Storage tanks and quay side cleaning equipment

Quayside Platform Service Vessel (PSV) cleaning
We have the full range of mobile equipment and fully certified crews for tank
cleaning services in Aberdeen including:

  • Step Frame Curtain-sider fully equipped with HP jetting units, hoses,
    lances, pumps, compressor, fuel, cabin etc.
  • HP Jetting Van Packs
  • Supervac tankers
  • Liquid tankers
  • Dry Bulk Tankers
  • DISABs
  • Safety / Crew Vans
  • Fully certified crews

All our tank cleaning operations are fully mobile with truck mounted equipment
so we can provide the full service from any quay.

Quayside drilling slops treatment & recycling
We operate a state-of-the-art treatment facility at Pocra Quay in the Port of Aberdeen for the management of drilling slops waste under a full PPC permit. The facility has a capacity of over 1630 m3 liquid storage as well as 300m3 of dry bulk storage and is being developed to further enhance the recycling of drilling slops wastes setting the facility at the forefront of the market.

We have a direct feed pipe line into the treatment facility at Pocra Quay from the quayside and also a pipe line from the public quay at Pocra South providing speed and complete flexibility to Platform Service Vessels (PSV's). 

The Pocra Quay facility is unique; it provides unrivalled access 24 hours a day, speed and efficiency in waste materal transfer and a state-of-the-art treatment and recycling facility at Quay side delivering the highest environmental performance to our customers.  The facility is supported by a highly trained team with the most modern boat cleaning equipment capable of delivering the most efficient cleaning solutions for a broad range of PSV's.

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