Augean’s principal organic waste treatment centre offering a range of physical treatments for organic materials as well as water based wastes (including a large-scale biological treatment process) and benefiting
from a sewer connection.

Avonmouth’s processes include oil recovery with a treatment capacity of up to 30 tonnes per day and storage for 400 tonnes of recovered fuel oil (RFO) derived from waste oils. This involves blending and heat treatment to purify oils improving their quality, usability and value.

The water treatment process uses physical and chemical treatment including pH adjustment and solids removal. This is complemented by the biological treatment plant which has recently been refurbished and in its commissioning phase which is capable of treating organic pollutants (through their breakdown) using high rate aerobic bio-filter. This provides Avonmouth with the capability toclean up contaminated waters prior to their discharge to sewer through a discharge point located at the site. 

The centrifuge process is designed to separate solid material from sludges leaving a liquid (which can be water or organic based). This process reduces the overall volume of waste by concentrating up the solids at the same time as decontaminating the liquid. The liquid becomes less contaminated and as a result less problematic to deal with as a waste.

The site also carries out solvent recovery which uses distillation processes to remove contamination from used solvents and paint wastes to produce organic liquid which can be resold. A toll recovery distillation service can also be provided with dedicated waste reception tanks and dedicated product tanks if required. This is complemented by kiln fuel blending where lower grade solvents and organic materials (which may have been recovered at the site) to be disposed of more readily (and cheaply) as a support fuel for waste incineration or cement manufacture. 


Site chemist testing waste; tanker being washed out and staff working on recovery tanks

The transfer station allows a number of wastes in packages and containers to be sorted, segregated and stored at the site pending their movement to other Augean sites for treatment and further processing. In this manner, containerised wastes can be brought to the site and put together with other appropriate wastes being stored there prior to their dispatch in full loads maximising operational and transport costing efficiencies.
The site has developed a tanker wash out facility which has been developed to reduce the need for confined space entry.  Waste generated is treated in an environmentally safe manner through the processes on site.


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