East Kent

Our East Kent Waste Recovery Facility provides High Temperature Incineration (HTI) capacity coupled with energy recovery which positions the Group with the most sustainable solution to the country's more difficult to handle waste streams.

Our extensive on-site laboratory allows us to assess your waste streams utilising state of the art analytical techniques to determine the optimal methods for processing to comply with strict environmental standards.

Providing the highest levels of secure destruction our  HTI burns your waste to temperatures up to 1200oC ensuring complete combustion.  The heat from incineration is converted into recovered steam which is returned back to the energy supply chain.

The site also accommodates a solvent handling facility to ensure the safe handling, storage and transfer for efficient disposal of liquid waste streams from a variety of sources. Our covered tanker off-loading facility provides safe access to the top of the tanker if required, automated barrel sampling, offload pump, fixed fire protection and spillage containment.

Our East Kent facility has the most advanced security systems in the country which provide several layers of protection 24 hours a day.  .









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East Kent Waste Recovery Facility
Discovery Park
River Road
CT13 9FN

Site Contact Details:
Telephone: 01304 450 010
Fax: 01304 450 011

Opening Times for waste deliveries:
Monday to Friday 7.00am to 3.00pm

East Kent Layout