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Augean shares society’s concerns about the potential consequences of poorly managed and operated waste facilities.

Our certification to ISO 14001 demonstrates our commitment for achieving legal and regulatory compliance to regulators and government.  All of our sites are the subject of Environmental Permits regulated by the Environment Agency (EA) or Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Dedicated monitoring technicians work to agreed programmes and protocols with the EA or SEPA and gather qualitative environmental data which is reported to our regulators at agreed periodic intervals.  Augean reports environmental performance in respect of landfill gas (landfill sites only); ambient air emissions; leachate; surface water; ground water; dust and noise. These reports continue to show that our sites do not result in a significant impact on the local environment.

Our environmental controls start well before the waste arrives at our treatment and recycling centres or landfill sites. Our technical assessors conduct a detailed analysis of the waste stream to determine its suitability for acceptance and then specify the correct control systems that apply for reception at site.  In addition we are able to provide to our clients analytical services through our in house Laboratory.  The laboratory provides rapid turnaround analysis to UKAS standards undertaken by experienced waste chemists.

Our specialist landfill sites are the subject of expert design and constructed in accordance with detailed quality assurance plans. All our treatment processes use best available techniques and their commissioning is approved by the EA through the Environmental Protection Permitting process. Rigorous operational controls are adopted and monitoring systems are used to verify performance at all our sites.

Our accredited Integrated Management System satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System Standard), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Standard) and OHSAS 18001 (Health, Safety and Welfare Management System Standard) is audited by The British Standards Institution.


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Certificate no: IMR 522032