The purpose of this page is to help answer commonly asked questions:

I don’t know where to start with getting rid of my waste?
Our Mobile Technical Services team can help, they will visit your site catalogue your waste streams and provide advice on storage, containers, labelling, etc.  For more details click here.

How do I know if my waste is hazardous?
There are lots of legislation and guidance notes to read to ensure you categorise your waste correctly.  Click here for further information on Hazardous Waste Guide.  More easily, our experienced Technical Assessors are at hand to take your call on 01937 844980

I’ve heard I have to pre-treat my waste even if it’s non-hazardous, is this true?
Yes, under the Landfill Directive this requirement is part of a package of measures designed to increase waste recycling and recovery and reduce the potentially polluting emissions from landfill sites.
Do I need to notify anyone before I dispose of my hazardous waste?
Yes, you need to contact your local Waste Regulator:-
England and Wales – The Environment Agency
Scotland – SEPA
Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service
For further assistance, click here on how to register your premises or contact us on 01937 844980

Do I need to supply any paperwork when I dispose of hazardous waste?
All hazardous waste must have the correct paperwork which is supplied by your Waste Regulator, click here for further information on moving your waste or contact us on 01937 844980

Who is a ‘consignee’?
A ‘consignee’ is a company to whom waste is transferred for recovery or disposal.

What are Consignee Quarterly Returns?
As the consignee, Augean must provide a report to the Environment Agency every quarter recording all consignments of hazardous waste received by us (referred to as ‘consignee quarterly returns’). We must supply these to the EA within one month of the end of each quarter. Click here for information on record keeping.
As the waste producer do I need to provide the Environment Agency with information each quarter?
Only if requested to do so by the EA.  At the end of each quarter Augean will forward to you a schedule of consignments of hazardous waste received from you, which are called Producer Returns.