17 April 2012

High Temperature Incinerator

We are pleased to announce that Augean has entered into a 10 year agreement to manage and operate a commercial high temperature incinerator at Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent.


During 2011 Augean was invited to participate in the tender process to select a partner to manage and operate a commercial high temperature incinerator ("HTI") at Sandwich in Kent. The incinerator and associated assets were formerly operated as part of the Pfizer Ltd site at Sandwich, which now form part of Discovery Park complex.


The agreements include a number of associated facilities, supporting the day to day management of the main HTI facility. The HTI will be made available to existing and potential new customers for the management and incineration of a range of waste streams, as defined and agreed within the operational permit issued by the Environment Agency. The HTI is expected to provide capacity to process 10,000 tonnes per annum of waste and also benefits from its ability to recover energy from the process, making the facility the only HTI in the UK with this capability. Augean will also be responsible for the management of certain waste streams and will provide waste management services to local businesses at Discovery Park.


A local operations team has been recruited to manage, operate and maintain the operations, which will be referred to as the East Kent Waste Recovery Facility ("EKWRF") and discussions are well advanced with the Environment Agency to complete the transfer of the relevant operating permits to Augean. EKWRF will be fully integrated into the Group's Waste Network division, aligning the assets at Discovery Park with the Group's existing national network of waste transfer stations and providing the sales and support infrastructure to market the new services across the UK and, potentially, into Europe.