Secure Destruction of Waste

East Kent

Our High Temperature Incinerator (HTI) is one of only four hazardous waste HTI’s in the UK and is used to thoroughly and confidentially dispose of sensitive or hazardous waste from various industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, research, borders control and medical sector.

High temperature waste incineration is a process used to dispose of hazardous or confidential waste in a secure, safe and thorough manner. The incinerator burns to a temperature as high as 1,200°C, guaranteeing the highest levels of secure destruction.

We employ the principles of waste-to-energy in order to make use of the high temperatures present and by burning the waste at a high temperature, the heat from the incineration is converted into recovered steam which is returned back to site.

High temperature waste incineration is all about confidentiality, so high levels of security are a must. Our HTI ensures complete combustion of your sensitive waste and also boasts the most advanced security systems in the country. Our site is protected by several layers of physical security, 24 hours a day and our secure sores are covered by CCTV and other sensors.  Larger or bulky items can be cut down on site by our own engineering team.

Our HTI  is the most sustainable in the country, employing an energy recovery system to create steam, which is then returned back to the local area heating system. Our completely secure facility means that incinerated items have no chance of escaping out into the environment.

Secrecy is vital when it comes to the incineration of sensitive waste.  Material consigned to the facility are managed and stored in discreet buildings, and are usually processed very soon after arrival.  This enhances both the security and brand exposure for Customers who have concerns about reputational risk or that want assurance that items are destroyed.  We are able to offer the facility on a dedicated basis if the need arises subject to certain arrangements.  This means that we can accommodate larger volumes which are then campaigned usually with oversight from the Customer.

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