Integrated Services

Built around a professional and technical culture of industry best practice and customer service, Augean Integrated Services adopts a client partnering approach by offering a complete One-Stop-Shop in waste management.

We cater for medium to large manufacturing customers like you who produce a wide range of wastes and have a desire to improve their recycling and reuse.

We bring multiple service providers in to one single customer offer which is delivered by trained and experienced Augean staff and equipment or by selected suppliers. 

When using suppliers we will always select the best and then manage their services delivered at your site.  You will benefit from our purchasing scale, reduced supplier management and a single consolidated invoice.

The first part of our service would be to complete a full site audit to identify your waste challenges and to understand the various hand offs between site staff and cleaning operatives.  We would then prepare a full report with our findings and recommendations to you.

We operate across the whole of the UK and dovetail with the wider Augean site network.

A summary of our services include:

  • Advice on recycling, landfill avoidance and reuse
  • General waste collection
  • Recyclate sales (metal, non-ferrous, plastics, paper, card etc.) with open market pricing options and revenue sharing
  • Hazardous and problematic waste treatment and disposal
  • Office waste disposal
  • Training and support for your own staff and cleaners, including work with pre-existing FM providers.
  • A full suite of reporting by waste stream, revenue by recyclate and by site to drive continued improvement, enhanced compliance and reductions in costs

Augean Integrated Services also undertake:

  • Soft services
  • Facilities Management
  • Quick staff mobilisation for business continuity
  • Contingency planning and emergency response
  • High security and high risk event planning
  • Innovation, flexible thinking and speed of delivery


integrated services