Augean was formed in August 2004 and listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The Group strategy is to build and grow a specialist company competent to deliver extremely high standards of service to our clients underpinned by modern technology led infrastructure and to become the market leader in delivering solutions to difficult to handle waste streams from industrial society.

The Group strategy is underpinned by European Directives transposed into UK regulations:

  • Landfill Directive
  • Hazardous Waste Directive
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control Directive
  • Waste Framework Directive

The Directives focus on recognising waste as a resource, that the UK infrastructure for handling waste needs to be modernised and that difficult and hazardous wastes need specialist facilities and technologies to manage them more responsibly.

The board delivers shareholder value by focusing on the management of specialist wastes, usually of a hazardous nature and often in niche markets, using proven technology, trained and highly skilled staff utilising internationally recognised management systems.