Heavy plant machinery in landfill cell

Our sites are strategically located with Port Clarence providing non-hazardous and hazardous capacity in the North East of England near Middlesbrough and our East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF) providing hazardous capacity and our Thornhaugh site providing non-hazardous and stable non-reactive hazardous waste in the South East near Peterborough.

All waste destined to for landfill must be pre-treated, this includes non-hazardous waste.  The treatment of waste is defined by the “three point test” established in the landfill regulations and must fulfil all of these three criteria (but need only meet one of the four objectives of the third point): 

(1) It must be a physical, thermal, chemical or biological process
including sorting.
(2) It must change the characteristics of the waste
(3) It must do so in order to:-
     (a) reduce its volume, or
     (b) reduce its hazardous nature, or
     (c) facilitate its handling, or
     (d) enhance its recovery.

There are also strict rules about what may be disposed of in hazardous landfills. All wastes need to meet waste acceptance criteria (WAC) which limit the leachability of substance from the waste.  Wastes which cannot be landfilled are:

  • Liquid wastes
  • Explosive or flammable waste
  • Oxidisers
Principle wastes that we dispose of in our hazardous landfill sites include


  • contaminated soils,
  • asbestos,
  • stabilised wastes
  • residues from recovery operations.
  • Corrosive waste
  • Infectious waste

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