Port Clarence

The majority of the available landfill capacity at Port Clarence (located in the northeast) is given over to the disposal of hazardous waste in its hazardous landfill    This accounts for 5 million cubic metres of the total landfill void. The site accepts hazardous waste in the same way as the East Northants RMF site and has separate cells for asbestos wastes.

The site also operates a non-hazardous landfill  site which accepts appropriate wastes for disposal.

The site has a permitted area for the treatment of soils and soil like materials (hazardous  wastes) which would otherwise not be allowed to be landfilled in a hazardous landfill  site. The permit allows the operation of a soil washing plant which uses a self-contained physico-chemical treatment process to remove the contaminants of soils leaving a clean fraction comprising soil and aggregate which can be reused or used for engineering on the landfills. In addition, a treatment residue is produced (which may be hazardous or non-hazardous dependant on the level of contamination in the original soil) which can be landfilled direct or must be subjected to further processing through the on site soil stabilisation plant   (which operates in the same way as the East Northants RMF plant). Once stabilised, the resultant treatment residue can be disposed of in the hazardous landfill

In addition, the site operates a  chemical treatment centre 
which is able to treat a wide range of acidic and alkaline liquid wastes by processing with Air Pollution Control Residues (APCR) through the above-ground mixer. The tank is a fully automated system using touch screen technology and is considered state of the art in the waste industry.

Our Port Clarence site is also the location of the company’s Waste Recovery Park (WaRP) which has permissions to carry out a broad spectrum of waste treatment and recovery.

Dumper being loaded; treated soil in soil treatment centre and plant in landfill cell

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Port Clarence Site
Off Huntsman Drive
Port Clarence
TS2 1UE 
Site Contact Details:
Telephone: 01642 546836
01642 546835

Opening Times for waste deliveries
Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday - 7.30am to 12.30pm prebooked waste only