Preacceptance information

In order to prevent the acceptance of unsuitable wastes which may lead to adverse reactions or uncontrolled emissions, we require specific written information from you with regards your waste stream, such as:

  • the nature of the process producing the waste, including the variability of this process
  • the composition of the waste (chemicals present and individual concentrations)
  • its handling requirements
  • its hazards
  • EWC code

If you do not have this information, we can arrange for a Mobile Chemist to visit your site to take a representative sample of the waste to be sent to our in-house laboratory.  With our Laboratory Services team a one stop shop approach has been designed so that you can achieve sampling, composition testing and where required waste acceptance criteria (WAC) testing all under one roof and focused on delivering in an accurate, timely and efficient manner.

Following characterisation of the waste, our team will identify the best practicable environmental option for your waste stream and will ensure the site receiving the waste is licenced to do so under a Waste Management Licence or Environmental Permit.