Radioactive Waste Services

radioactive waste services

Augean Radioactive Waste Services has become established as one of the leading providers of waste disposal services for low level radioactive wastes (LLW) and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) produced in the UK.

Our customer base includes many of the Site Licence Companies responsible for decommissioning the UK's redundant nuclear facilities electricity generation facilities, North Sea oil & gas operators, medical facilities and certain industrial producers.

Our East Northants Resource Management Facility is a modern landfill site constructed to the high quality standards required for hazardous waste disposal and is technically suitable for LLW and NORM disposal.  Each cell is lined with impermeable clay and geotextile barriers with failsafe systems for leachate capture and management, making it technically suitable for safe and final burial of LLW and NORM with a specific activity of less than or equal to 200 Bq/g.

The continuous operation of this disposal route for LLW remains a critical part of the management of LLW in the UK and major opportunity for the business.  

Thermal Processing
We offer treatment processes for radioactive wastes which ensure cost effective and safe solutions by utilising the most modern treatment technologies delivering best available technique (BAT). These include:

  • Thermal recovery process for oil and mercury bearing NORM wastes 
  • High Temperature Incineration (HTI) capabilities for complete combustion. Our facility is unique as it provides the highest levels of secure destruction by HTI technology whilst harnessing the heat from incineration and converting this energy into recovered steam which is returned back to the energy supply chain.