Tanker Wash out

Barrel of tanker being washed out by Augean employee

Based at Avonmouth our tanker wash out facility consists of a high pressure water cannon mounted on a moveable platform which sits over a 12m3 catch tray. 

Pump and drainage arrangements take liquids to the oil/water plant for processing and solids are dug out using a grab when necessary. 

If your vehicle has high level access equipped then individual pots/ compartments can be washed out using our site hose or alternatively the vehicles’ on-board jetting equipment.  

The main features of the tanker wash out service are:

  • Wash outs are currently only available to vehicles which have tipped a load into the oil/water or effluent plants.
  • Wash outs will be undertaken by trained Augean personnel in accordance with our Tanker Wash Out procedure which forms part of the certified Integrated Management System.
  • Enables the wash out to be carried out without the need for confined space entry.
  • Vehicles will be weighed before and after washing, and the disposal of solids will be charged on a ‘per tonne’ basis.
  • Wash out and disposal charges will appear as individual lines on your invoice.
  • A tanker wash out certificate will be used to document the process.
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