Resilience to potential import and export restrictions arising from Brexit

The UK is due to leave the European Union’s Customs Union on 31st December 2020.


We have considered how this will affect the company, our customers and suppliers and has prepared the following response to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) below.

Our current core activities are UK focussed although there are occasions where we receive some wastes for treatment and disposal from mainland Europe and further afield. We also export some hazardous wastes for energy recovery to mainland Europe. Both these import and export arrangements are undertaken by our customers or suppliers in compliance with the Transfrontier Shipment/International Waste Shipment Regulations.

Whilst there will be new arrangements for the movement of wastes between Great Britain and the EU from 1st January 2021, to date, we have not seen any material adverse impacts on trading with mainland Europe arising from Brexit although Augean does have arrangements in place to deal with any potential impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

An EU EORI number is a European Union Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number which is required for a business making customs declarations or obtaining a customs decision in the UK.

Augean has an EU EORI number which is GB 865 391 983 000.

Augean’s relationship with a customer agent is managed by customer’s or suppliers of Augean who arrange the transportation of the wastes in compliance with the relevant Regulations.

Augean has resilience in its supply chains. As well as keeping a sufficient inventory of critical components, our key suppliers have assured us that they have sufficient spares of plant, equipment and components which Augean uses in its treatment processes and disposal activities. In fact, some of our key components for large plant and machinery at our disposal sites are not reliant on parts from mainland Europe.

We have undertaken risk assessments to consider the implications of Brexit on our business, customers and suppliers.

For Augean’s operational facilities in England and Scotland, it is anticipated that there will be a very low impact, if any, arising from Brexit on our customers. This is because our core business is not reliant on the import and export of wastes, and as mentioned above, we have sufficient inventory of critical spares, our supply chain has further spares in stock and some of our equipment is not reliant on parts from mainland Europe.

Chemicals used by Augean are sourced largely within the Great Britain. We are working with suppliers to identify our needs and we are putting in the appropriate measures.

Augean’s operational sites have critical spares needed in stock to ensure our treatment process’ and disposal activities are not at risk and our key suppliers have confirmed availability and contingencies for spares.

Augean does not hold any surplus stock from the EU.

There is no exposure to Augean’s business arising from any restrictions to the freedom of movement of people.

Augean does not rely on equipment supplies from mainland Europe. As referred to earlier, Augean and its suppliers have sufficient inventory of critical spares to cope with fluctuating demand for Augean’s services.

At its operational sites, Augean has available surplus treatment and disposal capacity to be able to deal with additional wastes should existing or new customers’ increase the demand for Augean’s services should the export of wastes become constrained.

Where Augean itself exports relatively low volumes of hazardous wastes for energy recovery, Augean has alternative routes in Great Britain.

Augean is well placed to meet customers’ increased demands for the safe and compliant treatment and/or disposal of hazardous wastes and also those wastes which are difficult to handle.

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