The government response to the evolving COVID-19 situation continues to involve restrictions on the ability of shareholders generally to attend the AGM in person.  Whilst the Board normally welcomes the opportunity that the AGM gives to meet and interact with shareholders, this will not, sadly, be possible this year.  Due to the restrictive situation currently in place, the Board has concluded that shareholders will not generally be admitted to this year’s AGM and shareholders should, accordingly, submit proxy votes in favour of the chairman of the meeting this year if they wish to vote on the resolutions at the AGM.

It is expected that the necessary quorum for the AGM on 15 June will be formed by one director and the company secretary, each of whom hold shares in the Company and who will be the only shareholders attending the AGM.  Indeed, if the new Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill (which is currently going through parliament) has been enacted into law by the time of the AGM on 15 June, these two shareholders will not themselves attend the AGM in person and will conduct the business of the meeting over the telephone.

Shareholders generally are therefore asked not to attend this year’s AGM.  

In the light of the above, the business of the AGM will be limited to the formal voting on the resolutions only.  As such, the directors do not currently propose to live stream the meeting (either through video or by telephone); however, should there be an appetite for this we will post an update and links to any log in on this section of the website.

Results of the resolutions will be published here.

In addition, to allow for shareholder questions to the Board, we ask that you email any questions that you may have to the Company Secretary in advance of the meeting and, where appropriate, we will publish the questions in a document on the website. The email address for questions is:

Any requests for a live stream of the proceedings at the AGM should also be made by email to the above address. Please note that shareholders may not use any electronic address provided by the Company in this notice for communicating with the Company for any purpose in relation to the AGM other than as expressly stated in this notice.

In the meantime, the Board asks you to monitor this section of the Company website for any updates on the AGM and encourages you to submit your proxies and questions as early as possible.  Given the rapidly changing nature of current events we may need to make changes to the above information and will notify you as soon as possible where this is necessary.


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