A desire to maintain best-in-class standards of health, safety and compliance drive our business and our teams to continue to focus on our ongoing development. We believe that by delivering high standards we can also deliver business growth and profit for our shareholders.

Operational improvement and corporate objectives are set on an annual basis and our performance is monitored through audits and inspections. We pursue a programme of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business to achieve this high level of regulatory compliance and client satisfaction.

Our Directors are committed to protecting and improving the working environment and employee health and safety by seeking continuous improvements and periodic review of our management policies and objectives.

Each employee has a responsibility for their own safety and that of fellow employees and visitors, along with the obligation to meet environmental regulations and provide a quality service to our customers

We operate through core business values and principles:

Business values

  • Respect
    We show we value our people and others we work with.
  • Integrity
    We demonstrate we can be trusted.
  • Teamwork
    We work better together.
  • Excellence
    We strive to achieve our ambition.

Business principles

  • Priorities
    We take action according to the priority: Safety, Compliance, Profit.
  • Safety
    We stop the job if we are not sure it is safe.
  • Environmental responsibility
    We respect the environment and take a planned approach to protecting it.
  • Social and community responsibility
    We invest time to build constructive relations with the communities in which we operate.
  • Technical excellence
    We value the expertise of our staff and use up-to-date techniques and equipment.
  • Transparency
    We are open and transparent in all that we do.


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