We recognise that corporate social responsibility  (CSR) is an essential element of our business.

A key theme of our approach is promoting a positive relationship with stakeholders and the environment.

We seek to follow best practice, adhere to regulatory standards as a minimum and aim to exceed the expectations of those that regulate our businesses and stakeholders that have an interest in our operations.

Our operational performance is maintained through our certified Integrated Management System (which satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System Standard), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Standard) and ISO 45001 (Health, Safety and Welfare Management System Standard)) delivering protection of health and safety, both internally and externally, and the management, protection and improvement of the environment for nature and our local communities.

We set clear policy and objectives on its expectations on corporate social responsibility from the top of the management team throughout the organisation.  We are proud of our culture where all staff feels responsible for making a difference in delivering high standards within the organisation and to our customers, stakeholders and local communities.

To ensure that the business achieves its objectives we invest in high quality operational and monitoring equipment and employ skilled and responsible people.  We recognise the need for continual development and improvement in the standards of our operations and measure performance year-on-year by reporting factually the success of the objectives through annual reporting on corporate social responsibility, which demonstrates to shareholders, staff, neighbours, and regulators how our objectives are being met and exceeded.


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