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Please let us know if you are not satisfied with us for any reason or have a suggestion about how we could do things differently.

However, if you feel that we have got it wrong or have given you a poor service tell  an Augean member of staff or their supervisor as this can often be the quickest way of sorting things out.

They will not treat your comments as a formal complaint (unless you ask them to) but they will use your comments and take appropriate action or give you information.

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Additional engagement with the regulator over acceptability of material demonstrates a compliance-led approach but also excellent customer focus.

Logistics & Disposal Services Contract Manager, LLW Repository

If you’ve got any problems with waste – Augean is the company. They make things easy straightforward, especially the difficult stuff and always seem to have a solution for everything.

Materials Manager, Houghton International

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK partnered with Augean in the collection, treatment & disposal of Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr) in 2015. Every year, Augean manages over 45,000 tonnes of SUEZ’s APCr from six energy-from-waste facilities, including the collection, haulage, treatment & disposal services, whilst delivering a high level of customer service. Our combined contract management teams have successfully collaborated to deliver over £1.3m of cost-savings in three years through competitive pricing, monitoring collections, maximising payloads, and improving efficiency. SUEZ look forward to building on the excellent relationship and developing further improvements through supplying compliant and cost-effective APCr collection, treatment and disposal services at more of our facilities across the UK.

Category Manager Landfill Energy, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd

Augean were originally brought into replace the incumbent skip and ship provider on one of our rigs. The auger system was redesigned to quickly be able to change between WBM and OBM with minimal downtime and also increased the efficiency of the skip and ship system. Augean now provide skip and ship, pit cleaning, mud coolers, centrifuges and Radiation Protection Supervision (RPS) services on all our rigs, and onshore NORM decontamination. They are very customer focused and proactive. They have a great can do attitude and are really appreciated by the offshore crews. Highly recommended.

Drilling Superintendent, Spirit Energy
Magnox logo

On behalf of Mark and I, the last members of the Bradwell Waste Team…. We wanted to express our thanks to you both and Augean for all your help with the VLLW consignments. It has been a tremendous achievement to get Bradwell into closure, and without your support for all the review and approvals of VLLW loads we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Lead Waste Engineer, Magnox

Augean has been working in partnership with the Government of Jersey for more than 5 years in treating and disposing of Jersey’s Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr) from our Energy from Waste Plant. The APCr is delivered to ENRMF where it is treated through a stabilisation process and disposed of in their licenced facilities.  We have found Augean to provide a good line of communication and engage regularly with us as to provide appropriate solutions tailored to our needs.

Assistant Manager - Waste Exports and Recycling, Government of Jersey