Dredging is the process of removing sediments from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbours and other water bodies by either capital or maintenance dredging. We understand that dredging is a necessity in waterways because sedimentation gradually fills channels and harbours.

The management of dredging waste poses a significant challenge, and we can help!

We provide sustainable, compliant-led waste management solutions from waste characterisation, dredging activity, transportation through to final treatment and/or disposal.

We will work with you to offer a practical, environmental and cost effective way to treat and/or dispose of dredgings; this will aid in reducing the cost of future dredging operations.

Our services include cost-effective, safe and compliant:

  • Physical dredging activity (we can help organise)
  • Transportation by land or sea via specialist contractor relationships
  • Substantial storage capacity at its permitted facilities near Middlesbrough and Peterborough for wet dredgings – no need to dehydrate dredgings at source – which means dredgings can be moved from the site source to storage at our sites quickly
  • Treatment & disposal

The report “Review of Action Levels used for assessing dredging and disposal marine licences” by the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) details changes to Action Levels which may raise concerns over the impact on sampling, and subsequently disposal of dredged materials to sea.  At Augean, we can provide a route for disposal of all forms of contamination from Trace Metals and Organotins to PAHs, PCBs and PBDEs.



Strategically located, near Middlesbrough and Peterborough these ISO accredited sites service the length and breadth of the UK.
Our sites are operated and monitored under strict EPR permits to ensure full compliance with all current legislation,
providing reassurance for you in the disposal of your dredging waste.


Our Port Clarence facilities near Middlesbrough operates our integrated waste management facility together with adjacent non-hazardous and hazardous landfills.

Our integrated waste management facility uses several complementary processes to recover more waste for reuse, recycling and treatment providing techniques which deliver BAT (Best Available Techniques).

Primarily handling hazardous waste, but also selected non-hazardous waste streams, these are treated using technologies such as stabilisation, bioremediation together with other forms of material recovery.

Our non-hazardous and hazardous landfill assets accept a range of waste streams (including dredgings and sludges) and each has been designed and engineered to the highest standards to ensure full compliance with all current legislation.

Along with accepting dredging waste via specialised road haulage, this site also accepts delivery of waste via a nearby port facility providing environmental benefits of transporting by water.

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm (last delivery 4.45pm).

Saturday 7.30am to 12.30pm prebooked waste only

The site can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, if required.

Off Huntsman Drive, Port Clarence, Middlesbrough, TS2 1UE

Marine Facility Capacity

  • 430m of Useable quay frontage
  • 20,000m2 of laydown area
  • 54 acre total area
  • Capacity to work 3 no 3000DWCC vessels simultaneously
  • Max quay loading 35te/m2
  • ISPS Port with 24/hr security

Cargo Handling Capacity

  • 5-6te per lift based on dredged material
  • 50 cycles per  hour
  • 250-300te per hour

Subject to transport caveats based on LH60 Port handling machine

Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Each vessel carrying commercially optimum cargo volume is equivalent to ~166 full tipper loads.
  • Landfill site is only 5 minutes from terminal therefore each shunting tipper can transport 2-4 loads per hour.
  • Based on 3000MT shipments. Ability to move volume quickly and efficiently reducing project time and risk.
  • Commercially and environmentally practicable option.


Better known as East Northants Resource Management Facility, Kings Cliffe Landfill located near to Peterborough operates as a hazardous landfill and is permitted to accept hazardous waste including dredgings and sludges.

The site also operates a soil stabilisation plant capable of using waste powder which comes from the incineration of household waste to treat dredging waste to make it suitable for landfill at the site. In order to operate, the plant is located on a permanent concrete pad accompanied with a lagoon for storage of wet dredging material pending their treatment which would otherwise not be allowed to be disposed of in a hazardous landfill site.

In addition, our purpose-built UKAS certified laboratory is based at this site providing a broad range of analytical capabilities following approved methods, whether it be waste characterisation and composition reports or compliance testing for processed wastes.

Our sites engage in continuous monitoring regimes to demonstrate compliance with its permits and agreed risk assessments.

Monday to Friday 7.00am to 5.30pm, Saturday 7.00am to 12.00pm

ENRMF, Stamford Road, Kings Cliffe, PE8 6XX

  • Centrally located and situated just off of the A1(M) providing great road connections
  • 32 Hectares in size
  • Our hazardous landfill provides 18 times more protection to the environment than a non-hazardous landfill.
  • Our treatment facilities are set up for the recovery, treatment and disposal of dredging wastes
  • We have purpose built lagoons for storing wet dredging wastes prior to recovery, treatment and disposal
  • No need for the client to dewater on their site saving time and money
  • All recovery, treatment and disposal activities are carried out in house offering a bespoke ‘cradle to grave’ solution
  • Our processes include but are not limited to bio remediation, washing and solidification and stabilisation


BPA White Paper – Contaminated Sediments
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We specialise in managing the UK’s more difficult to handle wastes making life easier for customers by providing certainty and security underpinned by technical expertise and a high standard of customer service.

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