Augean has been considering ways of  maintaining the provision of a hazardous waste landfill situated in the southern part of the UK, and the preferred option is to extend East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF) to the west, maintaining the current facility with all the additional advantages of continued use of the existing infrastructure as well as retaining an employment site and sustaining the local supply chain.

A number of site investigations and feasibility studies in order to make decisions about the future of the site have now been undertaken and although the detailed design is still being progressed  a decision has been made to start the planning process at ENRMF.

As the proposed development meets the criteria of a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, an initial meeting with the Planning Inspectorate to discuss the application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) from the Secretary of State has been held and a project page on their website will be made available shortly.  You can find out more about the process of a DCO application and how you can become involved here.

A scoping report has been submitted to PINS and will be sent to statutory consultees as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process.  We will be preparing the Preliminary Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) which will provide preliminary information on the environmental impacts and proposed mitigation measures based on the preliminary findings of the environmental impact assessments that will be carried out in the coming months.  You can read the scoping report here.

In accordance with its normal practice, Augean is committed to consultation with the local community in respect of any new development at its sites.  When making an application for a DCO, the applicant has a statutory duty to consult on the proposals and must follow a specific process.  It is anticipated that a programme of pre-application consultation on the PEIR will be carried out in  Autumn 2020.  Details of the various consultation opportunities will be widely advertised nearer the time.

The consultation will enable the local community to engage and help inform the Proposed Development. Responses to the consultation will be taken into account before finalising the proposals and submitting an application for a DCO to the Secretary of State.

Augean hopes to submit the application to the Planning Inspectorate in Spring 2021.

This project page will be updated regularly to help keep the local community informed about the progress of the application and all the planning documentation will be made available via this page.

A Register of Stakeholders has been set up to improve and speed up the dissemination of information and to advise on further events and activities which may be of interest.  If you are on the Register of Stakeholders you can receive information via electronic newsletters or by post if preferred. It is possible to unsubscribe from this method of contact if you no longer wish to receive notifications.  Augean is compliant with current Data Protection regulations. You can join the Register of Stakeholders here.