The Board has an active investor relations programme and believes in maintaining good communication with all stakeholders including institutional and private shareholders, analysts and the press.

The Executive Directors are available to meet with institutional shareholders and analysts following the announcement of interim and final results. The Group’s brokers provide feedback from these meetings to the Board.

The Chairman is available to shareholders at any time to discuss strategy and governance matters. During  the year the board actively engage with major shareholders, in particular following results announcements and recently on the Group’s new LTIP scheme.

All shareholders have access to the Interim and Annual Reports and are invited to attend the annual general meeting at which all Board Directors are present. The Group periodically hosts presentations for the investor community and provides detailed information for shareholders and the general public and these can be found by viewing the financial presentations section.

Mark Fryer, Executive Director and Group Finance Director

Mark Fryer
Executive Director and Group Finance Director

Augean PLC
4 Rudgate Court
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BF

Telephone: 01937 844 980