Through the Landfill Communities Fund we contribute to many local initiatives and will continue to support the communities in the areas in which we operate.

The Landfill Community Fund (LCF), was designed to help mitigate the effects of landfill on local communities. Introduced with the landfill tax in October 1996, it enables operators of landfill sites to donate up to 6% of their landfill tax liability to environmental projects in return for a 90% tax credit.

These should conform to one of the following:

  • Projects that involve reclaiming land, the use of which has been prevented by some previous activity
  • Projects that reduce or prevent pollution on land
  • Projects that provide or maintain public amenities or parks within ten miles of a landfill site delivery of biodiversity conservation for UK species habitats
  • Projects to restore or repair buildings for religious worship, or those of architectural or historical interest, within ten miles of a landfill site
  • Projects that fund the cost of administrative, financial or other similar services, supplied to other enrolled environmental bodies

For our southern sites, this process is managed by GrantScape, with support from The Kings Cliffe and Thornhaugh Environmental Associations.  These two Associations are operated through voluntary steering committees of representatives from the relevant village. They recommend grant awards to community groups wishing to make environmental improvements to public amenities, biodiversity and conservation or heritage projects. Projects within a ten-mile radius of the two landfill sites may apply for grants that meet the requirements for eligibility.

Teesside Environmental Trust manages the landfill community fund for our northern sites and ensures objectivity in decision making and full accountability of the distribution of funds.

For more information on how to apply for funding through the Landfill Communities Fund, please contact:

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Cliff Shepherd
Teesside Environmental Trust
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