Project Description

Pocra Quay, Aberdeen Unique Quayside Fluid Treatment Facility

Our unique, environmental award-winning facility – Pocra Quay receipt and treatment facility for wet and dry bulk wastes utilises the most up to date techniques for the treatment of drilling waste liquids. The Plant can receive deliveries of waste direct from the quayside in Aberdeen or via road.

The permit for Pocra Quay provides for the treatment of 50,000mt annually of liquid well bore wastes and dry bulk powder waste from offshore and is the only quayside permitted slops treatment facility in the North East of Scotland.


Permit Number: PPC/A/1038071

Pocra Quay, Aberdeen, AB11 5DQ 

Telephone: 01224 582340 

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm

Main Activities
  • 350mt Quayside Powder Silo for the reception of all bulk powders

  • Reception for slops in skips

  • Slops and wet bulk waste Processing and Separations

  • Tank Storage for fluids (10,000bbls)

  • Treatment of non-bulk wet wastes received in skips and totes

  • Water treatment and disposal using onsite permitted effluent discharge point

Key Features
  • 350mt Quayside Powder Silo for the reception of all bulk powders

  • 50,000mt per year capacity with variation being made for 50,000mt

  • Fully bunded prime quayside location

  • Direct Discharge from two quaysides

  • 2 x lines in place to allow direct discharge unloading from 2 berths

  • Double-manifolded to allow simultaneous storage of differing wastes

  • Liquid and powder wastes can be received direct from vessels

  • Seven 1,430bbl storage tanks

  • Total storage capacity of 10,000bbls (1590m3)

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