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The ‘creation’ of empty contaminated packaging waste is commonplace in UK industry, there are numerous situations where a business will use products in their day to day activities which are supplied in small containers and as a result will have contaminated empty packaging for disposal.

If the product is itself a hazardous substance then unless you undertake specific decontamination the empty packaging is likely to be classed as a hazardous waste.  These are often referred to as ‘nominally empty’ items because it is unusual for waste producers to completely remove all the contents.

Examples include:

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  • empty paint and ink tins
  • spent grease and mastic cartridges
  • 2-pack and other resin syringes
  • empty personal hygiene product bottles
  • empty motor oil cans
  • spent aerosols
  • catalyst sachets

If these waste streams are not managed safely the residues can create hazardous situations for the waste holder, the waste carrier and the disposal point.  Augean can assist with all aspects of the safe handling of these wastes including classification, segregation, storage, transport and eventual recovery or disposal.

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