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These waste types can take a variety of forms and are generated by many business sectors. They may become contaminated deliberately as part of an impregnation process, incidentally as part of a production process or whilst in use and accidentally during a spillage incident – whatever the reason Augean can assist.

The storage of these waste types prior to collection often represents a challenge; they need to be protected from the weather to prevent leaching of contaminants and contained so as not to disperse around the site.

Specialist paper is used in many filtering applications and will become contaminated during the life of the unit. Examples include fuel filters from the Automotive and Transport sectors, High-Efficiency Processed Air (HEPA) filters from Research and Development and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) filters from Process Engineering.

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Historically construction timbers (railway sleepers, telegraph poles etc.) have been impregnated with a Copper, Chrome & Arsenic (CCA) based preservative and this material will require special treatment. Garden timber may be tannalised (another form of pressure treatment for timber) and will need to be managed accordingly.

Treatment processes include

  • Chipping and chemical washing to remove contaminants
  • High temperature incineration with energy recovery
  • Shredding and washing of filer papers

Key sectors

  • Timber Impregnation services
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Metal refining and Process Engineering
  • Transport

Other Waste Types


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