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Augean owns and operates two of the largest soil treatment and disposal facilities in the UK.

Strategically located, near Middlesbrough and Peterborough, these sites receive and treat soil waste from a wide range of land remediation, construction and demolition projects.

These ISO accredited sites service the length and breadth of the UK and manage in excess of 80,000 tonnes of contaminated soils each year.

Soils are processed and cleansed using advanced technologies to treat a wide range of contaminants and pollutants. This allows us to maximise reuse and recovery of materials. Contaminant residues are analysed and disposed of safely, compliantly and in accordance with environmental guidelines and legislation.

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At Augean dedicated account managers work with customers to select the best services to fit an individual construction project or respond to ongoing needs.

Whether you require full project management including sampling and analysis, excavation and logistics, or you simply wish to deliver your waste to us for treatment and disposal we will work with you to find sustainable, cost-effective and compliant solutions. Radioactively contaminated land is more commonly encountered than might be imagined, as a result of the UK’s broad industrial heritage.

Aside from the Nuclear sector, radioactive isotopes have been used in the past for a variety of industrial applications, from luminescent signs and dials to lightning rods and lightweight alloys.

Naturally Occurring Radioactivity may also be found in slag piles from extraction and processing of primary minerals, or in the form of limescale deposited in aqueous chemical processes.

Contamination may arise from any of the sources above and can make remediation of these sites particularly sensitive or high profile.
Augean can provide a complete solution for management of radioactively contaminated materials arising from construction and demolition projects anywhere in the UK.

For land remediation projects, Augean’s expert team can provided assistance on all aspects of regulation, classification, remediation and final disposal of wastes from radioactively contaminated sites.

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