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Decommissioning is not business as usual and we are up for the challenge. We are efficient, experienced  and recognised as experts in industrial cleaning and the management of wastes from topsides, subsea  and well decommissioning. Our best in class service delivery, work methods, site locations and commercial partnerships will help you work toward the 35% cost reduction. All delivered with the assurance that we manage our people and the environment safely.

What really separates us from our competitors is two things – our people and our onshore locations.

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Our multi-skilled engineers can work in all our on and offshore locations; Reduced POB = reduced Costs, greater flexibility Reduced Inactivity = our people build the resilience to get the job done Sustainable Employment = dealing with the peaks and slumps of the industry.

Once onshore, we take responsibility for your waste from the moment we receive it through to final disposal. With sites covering the length of the UK from Lerwick in the North to Great Yarmouth in the South, we seamlessly manage the process of transferring the waste through our network of permitted sites.

Facility Running/Owner Costs

Talk to us at an early stage to understand your cleaning and disposal options. We work with you to look at cost, environmental and technical implications of waste management decisions while you work on your strategy and decommissioning programme.

Facilities/Pipeline Making Safe

Our experienced offshore industrial cleaners are multi skilled operators to reduce down-time and provide the most efficient service to your project. Our capabilities include low flow jetting units to minimise waste produced, deep tank cleaning, reduced man entry, NORM waste management and decontamination, oily water treatment and asbestos management. This is where we add value. Hazardous wastes can then be treated at our onshore facilities offering you a seamless transition from offshore to final destination. Across the Augean group, we manage in excess of 600,000 t of hazardous waste every year.

Wells Abandonment

ANSS have proven equipment and highly experienced multiskilled engineers to provide  the highest standards and best value P&A waste management service. Since 2012, we have worked with 32 customers covering 171 wells and 148 Pit cleaning projects. We install, operate and maintain on board equipment to deliver the full suite of wellbore waste management requirements:

  • Radiation Protection Supervisors
  • Offshore containment and Pit Cleaning services
  • Waste Minimisation and Filtration
  • NORM decontamination and disposal solutions
  • Specialised cleaning offshore and onshore
  • HP/UHP flow line/pipework cleaning
  • Slop treatment technologies
  • Solids control services

Subsea Infrastructure

Our range of quayside reception facilities along the UK’s east coast support piece small, modular and single lift removal options. Within our permitted sites, we offer a full decontamination and disposal service for all hazardous wastes and NORM. Over the last 18 months, we have processed over 200,000 ft of contaminated tubulars. In 2018, we have received 2000 t of conductors for recycling. We have reused over 1000 t of mattresses and diverted ‘fit for purpose’ parts and machinery to our established resale network.


Concrete Mattress – Remove and Reuse
Decommissioning of TAQA Exhaust Stack
End of Life Asset – New Approach
Industrial Cleaning Services Completed at Major Gas Terminal
NORM Management and Decontamination
Offshore Containment and Waste Reduction Services during Offshore P&A Operations
Offshore Industrial Services – Multiskilled Services
Radiation Protection Supervisors
Rig Award from exceptional performance

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