Project Description

EcoCentre, Peterhead
Drilling Waste Management

Our EcoCentre is ideally located to service the Peterhead harbour area. It provides the North Sea oil and gas industry with waste processing services from rig to final disposal.

This state-of-the-art facility specialises in recycling and re-use of Drilling Waste Streams. Specifically, it delivers highly optimised waste treatment processes for offshore drill cutting and slop waters


Damhead Way, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 3GY

Telephone: 01779 575020

Operations: 24 hours, 7 days a week

 Office: Monday to Friday 08:30am –  17:00pm 

Main Activities

At Augean, our customer focus is paramount and our innovative drilling waste management solutions are overseen by a highly technical  team, who provide support to operations throughout the entire UK market.

Drill waste material processed by us is  treated using cost-efficient, high value and environmentally friendly methods, focusing on the recovery of oil for a circular economy. All processes are fully industry compliant.

Thermal processing is one of the most effective ways to produce oil-free solids for disposal. Our thermomechanical cutting cleaner (TCC) provides waste treatment for offshore drill cuttings and oily water.

This process can recover up to 99% of base oil and delivers less than 1% oil-on-cuttings.

Our technical team are already working on even more advanced technological alternatives.

We use dedicated drill cuttings containers to transfer the waste from the rig into our facility.

From the outset, we collaborate with operators to understand the unique requirements of each and every project. This ensures a customised delivery that is designed for maximum reliability and sustainability.

Our technical assessment teams ensure that the assessment process is both effective and expeditious for our clients, whilst continuing to facilitate effective compliance management.

Vertical integration with our innovative slop treatment is key to the overall success of this facility. We are using new technologies to disrupt the current market capabilities in Slops processing. The process in includes, thermal, mechanical and chemical innovations to separate the water, oil and solids.

Oily solids are transferred to the thermomechanical cutting cleaner (TCC)  unit for further processing whilst recovered oil is stored before being used to fuel the TCC, thus completely removing the oil from the waste chain.

The recovered water is pumped to a separate storage tank for testing and analysis before safely being discharged.

We have the capacity for the storage and treatment of oil based mud cuttings and rehydrated solids, as follows:

Raw Material Amount
Wet cuttings 4,800 MT
Cleaned Powder 225 MT
Recovered Oil 100m3
Other Fluids 800m3
Key Features
  • Reuse and Recycle

  • Vertically integrated waste management solution

  • Reduction in carbon footprint and environmental impact

  • 3,000 MT internal storage of Drill Cuttings

  • 1,500 MT external storage of Drill Cuttings (approx. 300 x full skips)

  • 7,500 M3 slops storage

  • Onsite Lab to perform analysis on products

  • 24/7 operation

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