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Adhesive based waste can prove challenging to manage and requires careful handling.

There are many types of glue and sealant products, all of which must be disposed of correctly to avoid detrimental effects to the environment.

Augean offer an effective disposal solution for all types of glues and adhesives including specialist 2-part adhesives and mastics, food grade resins, waterproofing compounds and PVA type products.

Our highly trained staff understand the chemistry involved and how this will impact on the disposal options available to us for each type of adhesive. This, in turn, will allow us to determine the most cost-effective proposal for your waste streams.

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We can advise on every aspect of the service ensuring that your wastes are properly assessed, classified and described meaning you can be certain of remaining compliant with all applicable legislation. All our waste adhesive disposal is removed and transported by highly trained drivers and we are fully compliant with all necessary waste transport documentation.

Whether it’s empty containers, contaminated packaging, part used and out of date stock or spent product we can provide a solution. We handle both solid and liquid wastes in bulk or in containers and can offer bespoke transport solutions to suit your needs.

The range of disposal options we use include

  • Recycling and recovery of solvents and calorific value
  • High temperature incineration with energy recovery
  • Consolidation
  • Container recycling

Key sectors

  • Timber Impregnation services
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Metal refining and Process Engineering
  • Transport

Other Waste Types


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