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Our landfill and soil treatment centres are strategically situated across the UK and these specialist treatment and landfill assets provide a platform of waste services to a broad market including the energy, chemical, nuclear, oil & gas, construction and waste industries.

We have specialist treatment and recycling centres that process by-products and waste materials to provide cost effective solutions for re-use, recovery or disposal. For example, we have significant processing capacity to sustainably treat ash residues from waste and biomass power plants and we continue to provide an important support service to this growing sector.  Recent investments in our chemical treatment facilities have added greater flexibility to process by-products from a range of industries.

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Underpinning these treatment systems are our landfill facilities; engineered to the highest standards and monitored under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) regime. All sites can accept a broad range of materials and wastes, for example, contaminated soils, fibrous and bonded asbestos, treatment residues and filter cakes. All hazardous wastes are subjected to a rigorous technical assessment and testing regime.

Gas is a by-product of landfill operations and we use this energy source to generate electricity.  An established grid connection coupled with good reserves provides future opportunities to expand our energy portfolio.  We also own mineral extraction rights in the East Midlands and provide limestone aggregate to local businesses and construction projects.

Our Laboratory Services provides testing and analysis services for our clients. Our purpose-built laboratory provides a broad range of analysis work following UKAS certified methods. Our highly qualified chemists prepare waste characterisation, leaching and composition analysis as well as compliance testing for processed wastes.

Furthermore, the analytical team regularly conducts trials to optimise the processing and treatment of waste streams and, where appropriate, develop innovative solutions for our clients.


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