Project Description

The purpose of monitoring is to confirm that the site is behaving in the manner predicted in the risk assessments, and that there is no unacceptable environmental impact. The monitoring is designed to identify any adverse trends at an early stage so that remedial action can be taken before problems arise.

Trained monitoring technicians work to agreed programmes and protocols approved by the Environment Agency. We sample the air and water around the site, and gather quantitative environmental data, which is reported to our regulators at agreed periodic intervals. This information is audited by the Agency and can take confirmatory samples. Augean reports on environmental performance in respect of: landfill gas, air emissions, leachate, surface water, groundwater, dust, asbestos and noise. The measurements include as appropriate physical, chemical and radiological parameters.

The management and monitoring of the site will continue for the duration of the Environmental Permit long after the site has stopped accepting waste. The Environmental Permit has no fixed expiry date and can only be surrendered by the operator on application to the Environment Agency, who will have to be completely satisfied that no further active management or monitoring is required, and that the site poses no potential significant risk to the environment. Financial provision must be made in advance to ensure that, in the event that Augean ceases to exist, funds are available to the Environment Agency so that these on-going obligations of monitoring and aftercare are met.

The monitoring data is already available to the public through the Environment Agency, however it is accepted that the data is complex and difficult to understand. We present on this website selected key data for the last year showing the performance of sites where public interest has been expressed to see our data.

We hope that you find the information presented clear and understandable.  We would welcome any feedback you may have or if you have any queries please contact us at .

Augean maintains an open door policy at all of its sites so that members of the public can see how the site is operated and monitored.  If you wish to visit one of our sites please contact the Site Manager.


ENRMF Monitoring Results


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