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The need to ensure that the UK has energy security with a balanced energy mix including that of our natural resources of oil and gas is something which Augean sees as key to a sustainable future.

 It is therefore imperative that any legacy or future generated waste is safely, compliantly and efficiently treated and disposed of. In extracting natural resources from the earth, often the geology gives rise to elevated concentrations of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). These naturally occurring radioactive isotopes are by their very nature ‘long-life’ radionuclides and need to be handled carefully to allow for their safe, compliant and efficient treatment and disposal.

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At Augean, our state-of-the-art facilities, extensive experience and diverse capability allows us to provide treatment and disposal routes for this naturally occurring radioactive waste. Our 6 radiologically permitted or RSA authorised sites span as far north as Lerwick, Scotland and as far south as East Northants. This geographic reach enables us to provide a comprehensive service for this type of waste across the entire UK. The experience and capability of our staff allows us to offer radiological protection services both on-shore and off-shore to support the characterisation, packaging and transport of such waste for treatment and disposal.

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