Project Description

Augean provides waste storage, handling and disposal of contaminated rags and wiping cloths from virtually every sector of the UK economy and every corner of the country.

Whether it’s oil and grease from maintenance of plant and machinery, a low flash laboratory solvent from cleaning down work benches and test equipment, printing ink from a press room or any other type of chemical contamination we can respond to your needs.  We can undertake a thorough assessment of your wastes with a view to assisting you in your responsibilities for the initial waste characterisation and the subsequent management of the items – it is worth remembering that not every spent rag or cloth is necessarily a hazardous waste; we can help you determine the facts.

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In some circumstances contaminated rags and wipes can present future hazards which are not necessarily immediately evident – the contaminant may become flammable when it dries out, solvent vapours can be released into the environment and long term corrosive or environmentally hazardous conditions may exist.  Examples include rags contaminated with mineral oils, high VOC solvents and heavy fuel oils.  For this reason, the storage of the waste is an important consideration and we can advise on and supply the right container to suit your circumstance.   Our portfolio of storage options includes a range of tamper-proof sharps containers, clip top drums ranging from 60L to 205L capacity, 800L waste safes, 1100L HiPodTM and, where appropriate covered/enclosed skips.

The range of disposal technologies available include:

  • Sorting and segregation
  • Energy (R-code) recovery

Sectors we service include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive & transport
  • Heavy engineering and construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Renewables and utilities
  • Printing
  • Steel works and press shops

Other Waste Types


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