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Wastes associated with the manufacture, formulation, supply and use of Paints and Varnishes come in many forms and we have wide experience in this sector.

Many of the waste streams are solvent based meaning they carry an inherent risk from sparking and ignition, in addition, there are often catalysts present which bring another dimension to the process.

However, water-based products can be equally as challenging as their behaviour during processing is not always straight forward. We work with clients in each of these areas and provide them with tailored solutions to their waste disposal needs. Augean can provide waste storage, transport and disposal solutions to all businesses operating in this sector.

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For those operating in the manufacturing and formulation arenas we provide:

  • Solvent laundering
  • Ingredient and process waste disposal
  • Secure destruction of off-spec batches and out of date stock
  • Disposal of R & D wastes and contaminated packaging

The supply and use of these products create additional waste streams in the form of:

  • Shelf life expired and damaged items from logistics and supply
  • Contaminated rollers, brushes and PPE from manual applications
  • Dirty gun-wash thinners from vehicle spraying
  • Empty and part full containers
  • Spray booth overspray and effluent sludges
  • Shot blast residues and chemical stripping wastes from surface preparation

Other Waste Types


As a company looking for waste management services; searching for a new career or wishing to download documentation you’ll find what you need below: