Project Description

Paisley Waste Treatment Centre

Our Paisley site near Glasgow is a multi-faceted hub where we operate our fleet of specialist vehicles, industrial services team as well as offering waste treatment, recycling and disposal services.

Paisley handles a variety of hazardous waste, including:

  • Contaminated industrial cleaning waste

  • Contaminated Wastewater

  • Oils

  • Oil contaminated rags and wipes

  • Sludges

Site Information

Permit: PPC/A/1004470

36 Clark Street, Paisley, Scotland, PA3 1RB

Telephone: 0141 887 5689

Monday to Friday 7.00am – 5.00pm 

Main Activities
Sludges received from customers and those generated from the site’s processes are treated on site through cen­trifugation and heat treatment to maximise oil recovery and reduce volume.

The effluent treatment plant treats other contaminated waters generated at the site as well as incoming wastes delivered in containers or bulk tanker.

The plant has tank storage capacity and the process is equipped with a centrifuge to remove solids contamination from waste waters before they are discharged through the sites sewer discharge point.

Home to our Hipod Processing Centre where hazardous waste of these containers is treated.  Waste contents, generally oil contaminated rags and wipes, are segregated from other recyclable wastes and put into a washing process which cleans them, leaving a non-hazardous material, suitable for conventional disposal through either energy recovery or landfill. The contaminated water is processed through the site’s effluent treatment plant.

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The site is also the base for a number of specialist industrial services vehicles offering tank cleaning and jetting services with disposal of wastes generated through this function being available on site.  Our highly skilled confined space entry and rescue team have the expertise in cleaning tanks, vessels, silos, lagoons and interceptors, including the management of all waste arisings.

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The oil plant takes waste oils and oil sludges removing solids contamination and removing water in heated tanks to produce cleaner oil which is sent off site for further processing at Avonmouth or sites external to the group where it eventually will be used in secondary liquid fuel or support fuel for combustion based manufacturing processes (e.g. for cement manufacture). Further processing off site allows some oils to be broken down into its component parts and be reused.

Our transfer activities allows us the flexibility to handle an extremely wide range of waste types including large volumes of hazardous soils and filter cakes, also handling IBC’s/Drums of Chemicals which enables us to maximise our levels of service both in terms of logistical efficiency and by procuring the best available solution for the waste streams not suitable for treatment or recycling processes.

Key Features
  • Accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality). ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety)

  • Highly skilled workforce

  • Recycling of oil

  • Specialist vehicle fleet including vacuum tankers, Disab suction units and high pressure jetting units

Other Waste Management Facilities


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