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Augean is well versed in the management of these waste streams and operates its own in-house recovery and treatment facilities to help ensure that we can maximise the potential for recycling and re-use of these types of wastes.

Solvents and oils come from all sectors of industry and possess a wide range of chemical characteristics meaning the hazards they present can vary considerably.  They are often mixed with other liquids meaning that processing them presents a challenge and our Avonmouth Treatment Facility is ideally suited to this task.

Our Oil Treatment Plants incorporate dewatering, centrifuging and chemical and biological treatment technologies which allow us to produce a range of recycled outputs including Recovered Fuel Oil and oil-based Secondary Support Fuels. 

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Our centrifuge is particularly suited to oily sludges and interceptor wastes as well as ships sullage and tank bottoms.

We operate a Distillation Plant which allows us to deal with low flash-point organic solvents of all types.  We offer a Toll Recovery service for high-value waste streams, produce a gun wash thinners material and also blend solvent based Secondary Support Fuels.

We process both bulk and packaged deliveries and can provide transport solutions to support your needs. 

Sectors we service include:

  • Steel works
  • Engineering and machining
  • Automotive
  • Marine and port operations
  • Materials recovery
  • Petrochemical

Other Waste Types


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