Augean has submitted a planning application to Peterborough City Council requesting a change in the currently approved sequence of the excavation and engineering of landfill cells at Thornhaugh Landfill Site. This will mean that Phase 2 will be brought forward before Phase 1 located in the east of the site.

Waste was deposited in Phases 1 and 2 of Thornhaugh Landfill Site prior to the establishment of current landfill containment standards and without the benefit of an engineered low permeability lining system before the acquisition by Augean of Thornhaugh Landfill Site. Planning permission was granted in 2015 to permit the excavation of waste from Phases 1 and 2 and the construction of containment engineering to allow these phases subsequently to be engineered and landfilled in accordance with current regulations.

The proposed changes are needed for logistical reasons on site to shorten haul routes for the excavated wastes from the point of excavation to the point of disposal and to minimise the number of open faces. The changes to the phasing will not alter the completion date or the overall restoration plans for the site. The access track from the A47 to the adjacent Cooks Hole Quarry which runs across the north eastern part of the site can continue to be used while Phase 2 is being excavated, engineered and filled.

In addition, Augean have applied for a limited storage area at Thornhaugh to receive and store HiPodTM waste storage containers to increase transport efficiencies.

The HiPodTM containers are secure wheeled bins with locked lids and are used at businesses such as workshops and garages to collect wastes such as oily rags, spill kits which have been used to soak up small spills of oil and hydrocarbon contaminated PPE.  There will be no sorting or bulking of the wastes at the site and at no time will wastes be removed from the HiPods in which they were delivered; the HiPods will be delivered to the site in smaller vehicles and then the containers will be organised for collection on larger vehicles for dispatch off site for management and/or disposal elsewhere. The storage area will be for approximately 100 HiPods and the anticipated vehicle numbers associated with the HiPods are approximately 2 per day which can be accommodated within the currently consented vehicle numbers accessing the site.

Even though the changes are minor, the planning application, which will be made under Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act, is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The EIA identifies whether the changes proposed will have any significant effect on the environment or people. The Environmental Statement (ES) in which the assessments are presented is available here, the accompanying Figures for the ES are here and the Appendices can be found here.

The non-technical summary which gives an overview of the proposals in a shortened form is available here.

Any comments on the application can be made directly to Peterborough City Council via their planning portal at the following link:

If you have any difficulty in accessing any of the documents or would like to speak to someone about the proposals, please telephone our helpline 01904 654989 or email us at